Nature – All The Creator’s Craft…

Take a decent look at
the nature surrounding me
Look how perfect it is…

With intent, look keenly at the scenery it creates…
Tell me, what do you see?

Tell you what I see? I shall!
It rings in my bowels
as a melodious sonnet, The
art work of THE CREATOR.

This universe and
whatever parallel universes,
that scientists,
still in their quest of proving
their existence,
have tagged the ‘multiverse’
And all of this earth as a biosphere,
and it’s meadows, and wetlands and tidal zones.
And it’s tectonic plates as
they fit
together like a crude jigsaw puzzle,
moving apart, colliding, and sliding
by one another.
And the minerals that lie beneath
it’s crust
in it’s mantle and it’s core – as a
two layered layer,
maintaining their extreme heat and pressure traits.

And the atmosphere,
as it supplies all forms of air needed by all the forms of life,
Every primitive creature feeding off
soil and water;
The animals of the sea, air and
land, all plants and the human
creatures who rear and groom them.

All His crafts…

No matter how firmly atheists
and scientists deny the love crafts
of the creator
and even His existence,
Nature alone has made it her
to disprove them, till the mind of
them queries the heart of them!
Tell you why?
I most definitely shall…

Although they want their big band theory to so solidly be true,
and they make all discoveries,
carry out all experiments,
all to prove their hypothesis true,
they’re aptly prone to fail,
A hypothesis is all their claims
would ever be.
Perchance they were there in the beginning, it would have given them first hand knowledge of proof;
but they weren’t, not a one of us was.

They still do not have the
convictions we,
who believe in the one creator,
As a product of the creator Himself,
through His Spirit,
inclining our hearts
to believe.

Even though we only ‘hear’,
we also ‘know’!
Tell me, who else can in us,
create such surety?

Alright, let’s stop awhile to think aloud…
Yes! Their theory is true!
Then, let’s ask them:
Who pushed the button for the ‘bang’
to happen?

I bet all man will silently
acquiescence to these thoughts:
There’s always a driver behind the wheels,
whether or not it’s a
physically present driver,
truth is
there always is one.
A boat’s propeller makes no move untill it receives the command to.
The same way,
there’s always an artist behind every
painting you see on walls of fame at auction houses,

A person ‘thought’ this world, designed and created it – merely by speech alone.
That CREATOR remains GOD!
He pushed every button that brought ‘all things’ into reality!
He is my Father!
Is He yours too?

Find even a thing, daily, to
appreciate Him for, Even when things
ain’t going on as you’d want, the
nature surrounding you is enough proof!

I’ve come to know…

No matter the harshness ‘fall’
brings on nature’s leaves,
as it robs them
of all they’ve worked seasons for,
they always find a way
to regain their blooming features as
summer and spring drops strong hope
and comfort at their windows…

Be calm, it’ll all work out!

Dimma Opara
29th October, 2017

8 thoughts on “Nature – All The Creator’s Craft…

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  1. My goodness, Dimma! Lovely piece. We know there is a mind behind creation. We just know. And we Love God for helping our minds submit to Him through His spirit, as you rightly stated. God is still calling out to us all, especially people finding it hard to believe. ❤

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  2. I just smiled at this. The places you’ll go with just writing?? You’ll go place. That’s what HE says babe. Thank God I know you already. 😉

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  3. Reblogged this on The Lowland Homestead and commented:
    My friend Dimma loves to write poetry. This poem about nature I found very applicable to the gorgeous spring weather and the sheer explosion of LIFE that follows it. It is important to cherish the awareness of all this abundance and praise the Lord for creating all of the things we help grow. Check out Dimma’s blog for more poems on faith, Nigeria, Belgium, social problems and girl/womanhood.

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    1. Yes, indeed! We ought always to take cognizance that it is the Lord who made all of nature’s beauty which surrounds us for our hands, eyes, nose, bellies and entire being to enjoy and to tend.

      Wow! This is really nice. Thank you so much, Mendy! I really appreciate.


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