What Makes You Beautiful? Your Looks? Forget Them! They’ll Soon Fade…

THE LADY knows she’s beautiful, but also knows that
a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised
so she makes Him her first priority
and let’s her inner beauty speak for what naked eyes see

What makes you beautiful? Your looks?
forget them! They’ll soon fade
away into the drains will they go
Build on what makes you, you
the gifts the creator freely gave you
explore them; they’ll make ways for you

Mr. Right? He doesn’t want an empty you
believe me, he wouldn’t have an empty you
you loose your right to blame him for leaving
after he’s tried and all you do is stay
entrapped in your physiques
paying no attention to the real you

You are too precious
to be priced
become worth the chase
you have what it takes

You are worth more than you think you are
become aware
that awareness will keep you on your feet’s toes
and you’ll begin to walk and work like you really are

Harvest all that wine
that in you is
forbid it to ferment
get to work, make it finer
that all who drink of it
shall speak of it’s fineness
and give praise to Our Father

I’m talking to you, beautiful
the lady reading this.

Dimma Opara

1st February, 2018

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Cold Winter Christmas…

I awoke this morning,
Looked out my frozen window,
And saw this beautiful ‘whiteness’

She raised up her cold right hand
And waved a very COLD
‘Good Morning’ to me
I wanted to ignore her, but I couldn’t…

She scampered closer to me and said:
“Happy Winter Holidays”
And with a crinkly smile I said:
“Merry Christmas to you”

I thought it was over between us,
But she had only just began.
She spread her heavy flurries all day long…

She came even closer and whispered into my left ear: “The Creator sent me”

I love her, and
I hate her too!
She is my neighbor from the clouds.

Dimma Opara

December, 2017



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Nature – All The Creator’s Craft…

Take a decent look at
the nature surrounding me
Look how perfect it is…

With intent, look keenly at the scenery it creates…
Tell me, what do you see?

Tell you what I see? I shall!
It rings in my bowels
as a melodious sonnet, The
art work of THE CREATOR.

This universe and
whatever parallel universes,
that scientists,
still in their quest of proving
their existence,
have tagged the ‘multiverse’
And all of this earth as a biosphere,
and it’s meadows, and wetlands and tidal zones.
And it’s tectonic plates as
they fit
together like a crude jigsaw puzzle,
moving apart, colliding, and sliding
by one another.
And the minerals that lie beneath
it’s crust
in it’s mantle and it’s core – as a
two layered layer,
maintaining their extreme heat and pressure traits. Continue Reading

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Entangled With My Lover…


You know, there’s this one significant thing I love so much about my lover:
He is “talkative”, a “gossip” too;
chuckles… always in the positive though!
As Himself,
Not necessarily in a squeaking manner,
He ensures I’m not a still unravished bride of quietness,
Nor a foster child of silence and slow time! Read On

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My Lover And I

Again, I get a hold of my ink,
knowing not what to write.
I sit and I wait…

He Inspires;
Like the scenery of natural features does an artist!
He activates;
Like scarlet berries does a glutton!
And… I ink down!

Because there’s no gloom in Him,
I Gloat in Him!
Because there’s always insight in Him,
I remain insouciant in Him!
OTHERS may sell me in shekels and silver,
Even much more than thirty;
But I’m 1000% positive that He never would trick me…;
He’s incomparably better than others!
My whole life?
an expression of His loving kindness and unmerited favour! Continue Reading

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My Hopes and Prayers for You and Me

Often times, we hear “life isn’t fair”, we even experience the hard core truth of that brief sentence. But after all that life throws at you, I hope that you still find peace and joy and love in it. I hope that you will still be able to let them (peace, joy and love) in when they show up in ONE at your nearest doorstep. I hope that something beauteous happens for you.

You might have been waiting on love all this while and prolly you think it’s never coming, I hope that you will be patient to see that it’s actually right there with you and return the embrace its been throwing out there to you. There in the place where you do not look for it as often as you should, in the place where you do not expect it to be. Right there, there in His arms. I hope that you’ll be able to let lose and embrace that embrace. I really hope that you discover soon enough that the only desideratum to being loved by him is “no-thing” in existence.

Sometimes, if not all the time, my friends tell me I’m always “too hard on myself”. I mean, I always want everything perfect “at every given moment”, so I keep working on it even if it’s not taking that perfect shape as so much time passes by. I hope that someday soon I would have finished learning my lesson on giving myself a break sometimes ( and the many other lessons I still need to learn). I hope you will be able to loosen up a little on yourself too. And take sometime to remember how far you’ve come, still alive, even though everything hasn’t happened to you as they ought to or as you wanted them to. I hope you will come to the cognizance that He is working out all things together for good for you because you love Him (I hope that you do love him?!).

I hope that you can let go of the worries that won’t add a hair to your hairs, the wrong choices of the past, the wrong companies of the now, and begin to make the right ones. I hope you’re stoical enough to realize sooner than later that sometimes beautiful things take some time to happen, they’re probably taking some time to happen because they’ve been instructed to “happen well”.

I hope that you can find comfort away from the heaviness of the weights and burdens you carry because someday they shall become testimonies you’ll be grateful you have to tell. Because then, “and even now”, they’ll inspire greatness out of others, they’ll help ’em who needed to learn it’s lessons when they hear it.

I know you had to face off somethings today that required more strength and perseverance than usual or maybe it has become “the usual” for you, they might have been wrangles and burdens and challenges and etc. you thought were just “too much”; and even though you know it’s all a part to your growth process you also can’t quite shake off the fact that they wearied out your soul, body and mind the entire day. I want you to know that everyday will not be like today. Surely, there are better days ahead.

When you feel like quitting, I hope you can pause for a moment to remember and brood on ” why” you first started. I pray that you can be patient enough to fish out the beauty in the ugliness of your now stories. I do pray that you do not allow the stress of fear get in the way of you pursuing your dreams and visions; in the way of you fulfilling your purpose here on earth.
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My Bedside Lamp

This is my bedside lamp, the cylindrical figure that chases darkness away from my gloomy room who’s gloominess is like the gloam where shouting seldom exists but convos dominate.

Nightingales keep watch at my window, whispering blue birds camp with the plant pots at my doorstep singing lullabies all night long, but this my bedside lamp wards off any that doesn’t mean me well. It uses its scintillating colourfulness to do so.

Inconsolable pearly souls screaming in quivering owly voices moan for losses, sorrows and would-have-beens at the grief-stricken water side where the oceans leisurely roar at night; fear-full, but well my bedside lamp sees their deep cuts and carefully tends to these their panic thronging dismaying wounds.

When I doze off and forget what time it is – time to wake up to commune and commute, my bedside lamp inaudibly crawls up into my bed, into the sockets of my eyes and tilts ’em eyes to hop open.

The tenderness of an early market only effleurages her first visitors, ’em women who come at noon hoping for basket fills at perfect prices no doubt go home wishing they had been part of the market’s first visitors. However, do I need to remind you that my bedside lamp uses its affluence on the far-sounding heart beats of my fellow humans to ensure that I mercifully enjoy same privileges as the markets first visitors whenever I fall into the market’s second-serve list.

My bedside lamp does not just coruscate, it brilliantly gleams and remains; by my side. Its within me too, that is where it shines forth from. The one who is my bedside lamp makes me shine forth light like Him even when I don’t understand that I have to shine and (sometimes) why I have to shine.

Dimma Opara
13th February, 2019

The Path You First Choose…

The path you first choose
Isn’t always the path you should
Pay attention to the path Christ has
Designed just for you

Give that path the passion and dedication
It needs to transcend into something beautiful
Pursue aright, forget frivolities
Better is ahead

Individual gifts and talents are like a tree
That only bears good fruits when it’s
Well fertilized, either naturally or artificially
Don’t leave yours unfertilized
In some “right” way, do it

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Niagara Falls, Ontario

Look! This looks like the clouds are
falling into this “Niagara Falls”, Ontario
Like a bridge over a tidal wave
except this is not a tidal wave
but a kinda fountain, a fall

Do you see that that floody cloud-like steam
is falling like it’s intention is to fill up
the water hole it sees and knows isn’t full
Like it’s seen a gleaming beaut that shouldn’t
be let alone to rot un-whole, un-full, alone

Like rivers of living waters does He want
to flow into her, fill her up till she overflows,
and remain within her, flowing till ever more
She named Him her ever-flowing-joy and the
stilling agent that sings peace to her tidal waves
She calls Him her bread-of-life

“Never do I want to see you again” says she
to her. “Never! Never do I want to hear the
sound of your deep and lonely breath
Never! Never do I want you to keep this living
water He is filling into me from flowing
within and through me, till I overflow”
“Never!” she says
She means it (if only you knew how much)


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These Herdsmen

There’s weeping everywhere
Run helter skelter, back, forth
All you’ll find are graveyards
The boulevards of our cities have all
Metamorphosed into cemeteries
Yet they don’t stop

How they massacre us
Like our lives are worth not even a penny
Mere cows are now worth more than us

Our women do they wrench
And haul of their innocence
Like we’re mere chicks

At first, our whispers of sorrow were tender
Then they became deafening
But now they’re unspeakable
The affluent and the authorities do zilch
But sit on their thrones of deceit

How I wish I can face them face to face
And tell them heart to heart
That they can’t go scot-free
For all their wrongs, even in death
If change doesn’t happen in them
I want to tell them that they might keep
Getting away for now, but
It won’t last forever
Nothing not eternal does


I’ll walk with
My head high like mother ostrich
My feet afloat like they’re water balloons
My eyes heavy and wide awake
Like those of a sharp-shinned hawk
Till yet again I can rest them all

I’ll send my voice on an
All-day morning cry everyday
I’ll keep sending my ink on errands
Untill it runs out (something it would never do)
To keep silent, my soul cannot
I’ll keep saying my prayers for
Restoration, for a new Nigeria
Because it’s possible
You who still lives must know this
You who still lives must hold on to this
Like it’s all you live for

These words took several weeks to gain expression via my ink since I received them. I pray and hope that they do the needful to all of our hearts and those of these herdsmen.

Dimma Opara
9th July, 2018

My Soul Needs An Ear!

Would I not want to speak
and still not speak?
Would I not wish to pour my heart
out like spring water and still not do so?
I wish I could lie awake to the sound
of an awakening
I wish my heart’s thoughts and feels
could be swept off into flowing oceans
Oh! how I wish that I could want to
speak and still speak. I do really wish I
could wish to pour my heart out like
spring water and still do so

I know what holds me back,
It’s the fear of being descried as
a vunerable peasant or an empty celebrity
– instead of the impeccable bigwig
I’ve posed to be all this while;
It’s the fear of sharing my heart with another
and having it piteously despised

There are a lot of others like me
A lot who have no
true friendships that uphold
A lot who have narrated all their lives’
narratives to themselves and themselves
alone, owing to the fact that only birds
and their tree habitats seem to pay
attention to their souls needs
A lot who do not hold trust dear any longer,
because it’s been bruised
so much longer…

Will you help me?

An acquaintance once told me that
I need just one person, that that
one person is the summation of all I could
ever need. He told me that that
one person makes available every other
person and thing I need along the
narrowness of my souls pew and journey
He said: “this person is not insouciant
to your heart’s needs”

I have my doubts in believing this
acquaintance of mine, I have no way of
knowing he isn’t another one of them
Them that say they mean me well,
whereas at the core of their hearts they
mean me no ounce of good and would
drown my bowls of creativity, dreams
and visions in a blink if they could;
Them that tear my innocence apart
as though it were a ripe mould of mango,
just because I said: “hello” while I
walked past their foyer at dusk

But, I really need to want to speak and
still speak, and in some place in my heart I hear:
“trust this acquaintance, accept this one person
he’s parading before you”
I really do want to wish to narrate my
dark nights’ ordeals and still do so, hence,
this seems to be my obvious breakthrough.
Silence hasn’t helped me
thus far, and deep within me,
I know it never will Read On

Do It Afraid!

I look up, and my gaze is enraptured by creation and how much help comes from the one whose masterpiece it all is. All around me – upon this earth, I see possibilities and abilities this very kind Creator has availed me help for. So, I stay at “work”, with my head up, and my eyes fixed on Him.

I take ’em risks, and I don’t wait for ’em prizes to just fall on lily clusters. This is not to say that I don’t position properly to catch them if/when they do “just fall” – as favours from my Father, but I do “reach-out” for them; most times I do so against “my will”. As long as He’s leading and whispering the words “it is possible” into my heart’s ears, I “step out…” And you know what? I do it afraid! I’ve got nothing to loose by so doing, but a  lot to gain when I do prevail. Somewhere at the back of my mind, it’s registered that “I’ll succeed”, all to bring this my good good Father the GLORY he deserves and more. So, I’ll keep at it, I’ll keep taking ’em steps – especially those very scary looking ones.

I encourage you to do so too. Step out of that cozy couch that has you lying on it with your hands folded as you day dream for all your lifelong days. I speak to you, yes you, and myself equally.

With every “failure” leading to “better thriving”, do it afraid friends!! At the long run, you’ll be grateful you did.

Dimma Opara
4th May, 2018

On ’em Mountains Of Grindelwald…

On that Switzerland trip…
On the very high mountains of Grindelwald

My wondering wondered
My gaze enraptured
My face all bright and shiny
I had seen another gleaming gold
More of The Creator’s glowing works
had my eyes beheld
More of His marvelous crafts
had I espied

Ain’t they just pulchritudinous?
Ain’t they just enough…?

My appreciation grew!

I looked down from the tops
I imagined what it would be like falling
I envisaged what it would be like living
on that top, I dreaded it

Then I knew better…
Just how blessed I am
to have a roof above the
place where my head can lie
and have this view to drown in
Then I exclaimed in gratefulness:
“Oh Thank you Lord for your creation!!”

My appreciation grew!

I pictured His hands moulding,
sculpting the forms in which ’em
mountains would appear
I visualized Him designing
how the sun would rise and set
from behind and above them,
devising the adaptive features
of the animals who’s habitation
they would be,
smiling as He forged the close bonds
that the trees on them would have
with the birds on them, and
nodding in affirmation
as He contrived the manner with which
the rainbows and clouds would cover
the mountain tops and sides from each one’s
right width to the width of each one’s left

That complete avowal mien He had
when He was done, must have been
a worthy sight to behold;
I thought

My appreciation grew!

I had lifetime laughs…
I bonded with lifetime friends…
I created lifetime memories…
I made lifetime investments that count…
I gained lifetime wisdom, values, virtues, knowledge,…

My appreciation grew!

Like one of ’em birds
I really could have flown
If only I had wings
(And I’m grateful I don’t)
On them mountains of Grindelwald

My appreciation grew!

When I lift my hands
I know why I do
I know to whom I do
I am not afraid!!

Dimma Opara
29th April, 2018

The Tales Of Time…

The tales of time I try to tell
The moments I try to keep preserved
The moments I should let go
The tales of time I try to tell

Maybe it’s time to let ’em all go
Maybe it’s time to hold on to ’em all
Or maybe it’s a few to let go I must
And a few I need not to let go
But I needs must die
That my soul flourish must

I needs must first rally
With the one that
I needs must be in, by, of and to
So I needs must first die

Dimma Opara
28th May, 2018

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